How Can I Cancel My 3 Contract

Are you currently locked into a 3 contract but realized it’s not the right fit for you? Don’t worry, canceling your contract may be easier than you think.

First, determine if you’re still in the minimum term of your contract. If you are, canceling may come with early termination fees. You can find this information by checking your contract or by contacting 3 customer service.

If you’re outside of the minimum term, you can cancel your contract without worry of early termination fees. To cancel, you can either call 3 customer service or log into your account online and follow the cancellation process. Be sure to provide your account information and verify your identity for security purposes.

It’s important to note that canceling your contract may result in losing your phone number, so make sure to transfer your number to a new provider before canceling if you wish to keep it.

If you’re still under contract but simply wish to change your plan, 3 may allow you to do so without canceling your contract. Contact customer service or visit a 3 store to explore your options.

In conclusion, canceling your 3 contract can vary based on whether or not you’re still in the minimum term. If you are, be prepared for early termination fees. If you’re not, canceling can be done through customer service or online. Don’t forget to transfer your phone number if needed, and consider changing your plan with 3 before fully canceling.

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