Fcc Enterprise Agreement

The FCC Enterprise Agreement: What You Need to Know

The FCC Enterprise Agreement is a contract between the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and Microsoft Corporation that provides FCC employees with access to Microsoft products and services. This agreement is a vital component of the FCC`s technology infrastructure, allowing employees to communicate, collaborate, and work more efficiently.

At its core, the FCC Enterprise Agreement is a software licensing deal that grants FCC employees access to a range of Microsoft tools, including Office 365, Windows 10, and SharePoint. By providing a standardized set of tools and services, the FCC can ensure that all employees have access to the same technology resources, which promotes consistency and efficiency.

Under the agreement, the FCC is able to take advantage of Microsoft`s cloud-based technologies, including Azure and OneDrive, which offer greater capacity, scalability, and security than the FCC`s previous on-premises solutions. These cloud services also provide employees with greater flexibility to work remotely and collaborate with colleagues in real-time.

In addition to software and cloud services, the FCC Enterprise Agreement also includes support and training services, which help ensure that employees are able to make the most of the available technology resources. Microsoft provides a variety of online training resources, as well as in-person training sessions for specific products and services.

The FCC Enterprise Agreement is a cost-effective way for the FCC to keep its technology infrastructure up-to-date. By negotiating a single contract with Microsoft, the FCC is able to leverage the purchasing power of the entire agency, which results in lower costs for individual license agreements.

Overall, the FCC Enterprise Agreement provides FCC employees with the tools and resources they need to work efficiently and effectively, while also delivering cost savings to the agency. As the FCC continues to modernize its technology infrastructure, this agreement will remain a key component of its strategy for the future.

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