Subject-Verb Agreement Lesson Plan for Grade 7

Subject-Verb Agreement Lesson Plan for Grade 7

As students enter grade 7, they are expected to improve their language skills and develop a firm grasp of grammar. One of the most important grammar concepts that students need to understand is subject-verb agreement. This concept refers to the agreement between the subject of a sentence and the verb that corresponds to it. As a professional, I have developed an effective lesson plan to teach subject-verb agreement to grade 7 students.


At the end of the lesson, students should be able to:

1. Define subject-verb agreement and its importance in constructing grammatically correct sentences.

2. Identify the subject and the verb in a given sentence.

3. Determine whether the subject and the verb match in number and person.

4. Correctly use subject-verb agreement in writing.


1. Powerpoint presentation on subject-verb agreement

2. Whiteboard and markers

3. Worksheets on subject-verb agreement

4. Sample sentences for practice


1. Introduction: Begin the lesson by explaining to students what subject-verb agreement means and why it is important in constructing sentences. Provide examples of sentences with incorrect subject-verb agreement and ask students to identify the mistakes.

2. Teaching: Use a Powerpoint presentation to explain the rules of subject-verb agreement. Emphasize the importance of matching the subject and the verb in terms of number and person. Provide examples of singular and plural subjects and verbs and ask students to identify whether they match or not.

3. Practice: Distribute worksheets to students and ask them to complete the exercises related to subject-verb agreement. Provide feedback and correction as needed.

4. Application: Provide sample sentences for students to practice identifying the subject and the verb and checking for subject-verb agreement. Encourage students to use subject-verb agreement correctly in their writing.

5. Assessment: Evaluate students` understanding of subject-verb agreement by assessing their performance on the worksheets and in their writing. Provide feedback and additional instruction as needed.


Teaching subject-verb agreement to grade 7 students is an important step in developing their language skills. While this concept may seem simple, it is essential to constructing grammatically correct sentences. By using a variety of teaching materials and methods, students can learn to apply subject-verb agreement in their writing and improve their overall language skills.

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